Imagination comes true!


My friend asked me to got to studio art this week. At first, I just wonder “what are we going to do there?” since I’m not really interested in art and my art skill is poor. Haha. It was Aromdee Art Studio, located in Phra Khanong (see details here), that makes my imagination comes true. I imagined Olaf and the teacher taught me how to make Olaf pottery.

At first, the teacher explained us about technique used in pottery art. Then we had to make a sketch of our object. I thought of Olaf in Frozen movie, but in fact I drew an obese snowman on my paper. Hehe. Now I realize that my art skill is not poor, but it’s very poor. Hehe but it’s ok since the teacher is very kind and taught us patiently. I had to make 4 main parts (half circle-shape) of the body. Next, we took a handful of clay and made it to round shape just like a ball. We had to push the center of the clay ball by our right thumb, but not to over push on it. We had to make 0.3 cm thickness of the clay since if the clay is too thick, it will be broken when baked. When all parts were done, we had to stick it together. And we did the painting as final touch.

There are many steps of making the pottery, so we had to be patient to get a good result. I tried to concentrate to make a good one, eventhough it doesn’t look like real olaf, but at least it’s my own Olaf 🙂 It’s recommended place to go to relief your stress or to balance your left- and right-brain. It is also good pace for children to create their imagination and develop their art skill.



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