The Best Thing in My Life


The very first best thing in my life was came into this world in Islam. I am lucky that I was born in an Islam majority-country. I can use hijab everywhere and easily-accessible halal foods. Islam brings me to the peacefulness. It protects us from the bad thing if we follow all of the rules. The second best thing is I was born from a very tough mother. She is a mother, a career woman, a financial planner for her family, a good chef, a good nurse for her family, and also she is a teacher for her children.

My mom is one of my motivation and inspiration to do everything. As a child, I should obey the rule in my family and Islam. It makes me do what my mother said, even sometimes I didn’t do it because I was too lazy. hehe. I am very impressed with my mother’s skills, she can speak English very well and has good performance in her career. “I wanted to be like her when I grow up!”, it was my thought when I was kid. I wanted to speak English well, be able to go abroad, and have my own money. Now, I am still in process to reach my dreams. However, now my dreams have been adjusted to the reality. Haha. Well, as time goes by, my dreams come true one by one. I believe that my mother’s prayer is along with me, in every step and every day. I also believe that Allah always bless us.

anniversary papmam

The third best thing in my life is having a super-patience dad. Even I am not too close to my dad, though he’s still the best for me. I admire his kind heart. He is one of the most-patience-man that I know in this world. Haha. Moreover, he always treat me as his girl, even now I have grown up. He’s the one who sat beside me to accompany my dinner in the midnight. He’s the one who opened the door when I worked overtime. He’s the one who picked me up from one place to another place. He also listened to my story about my workplace. Now I am far away from my mom and my dad. Though, I love them sooo much and really really miss them. Whenever I come back home, they always try to make me happy and take me to every place that I wanted to go.

Another best thing in my life is going to Chulalongkorn University. This is one of my biggest dream to study abroad. Even sometimes I want to give up and it feels so hard to catch up everything in here. I try my best to survive in here. Study in here brings me to meet new people in my life. Leli, Nunik, mba Chilmi, Tika, Tita, Tata, Desy, Imas, Redno, Gyan, kak Ika, and many more. They are my second family when I’m in Bangkok. It was an early morning that Leli came to my room and asked me to join a trip to Korea since there was ticket promo to Korea. Actually I didn’t really know about Korea and its culture, but yes! I would go to Korea. Then I feel so lucky that I joined the trip since I met my best one there, mas Ai. I also met some new friends in Korea: mba Fitrah, godai, and mas Wiwit. It was a short trip but it lasts forever, I guess.


Everything in my life is the best thing that Allah give for me. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for everything.


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