Jim Thompson Farm

Jim Thompson Farm (JTF) is one of tourism destinations in Thailand. It is located in Nakhon Ratchasima (around 4 hour trip from Bangkok) and only open once a year. Last year I missed the chance to visit this beautiful place. Luckily, this year I had the opportunity to visit this place.

This year JTF was open from December 5, 2015 until January 10, 2016. I went to JTF on December 6 2015 with 8 of my friends. As we review, it’s hard to find the public transportation to go to JTF. Therefore, we decided to rent a car from Bangkok to JTF for one day trip (car rental: 3000 THB/14 person). The trip from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima took time around 4 hours. Oh btw, we already bought the pre-sale ticket in Jim Thompson House to get the lower price (pre-sale ticket: 180 THB/person).

There are at least 6 venues to visit:

  1. Pumpkin field and Maze field. I found pumpkins from the smallest one to the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever seen. There was also pumpkin shaped-place made from dried maze. Cool!
  2. U-pick garden. We can pick the vegetables by our self in U-pick garden, but I didn’t enter U-pick garden. So I can’t tell you more in this part.
  3. Isaan village. There was Isaan
  4. Jim village
  5. Jim market
  6. Sunflower field

If you are moslem, please bring halal food from your house since there’s no halal canteen in there. It was really fun trip. Colorful everywhere and you can see the silk production, from the silk worm, cocoon, until it becomes beautiful silk.


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